Corporate Headquarters: Culver City

Sweet Flower chose to locate its corporate headquarters in Culver City as a hub for Southern California operations. While it is surrounded by the City of Los Angeles, Culver City retains its small-town ambiance and ethos - diverse neighborhoods, a bustling downtown with a Main Street feel, and a fiercely-cultivated sense of civic pride - just the right fit for Sweet Flower.

Sweet Flower is coming to communities across the greater Los Angeles area in 2019.



Open April 2019 (License: C10-18-0000222-TEMP)


Studio City

Opening April 2019 (License: C10-18-0000100-TEMP)


Arts District (DTLA)

Opening June 2019 (License: C10-18-0000110-TEMP)


In addition, Sweet Flower is pursuing a number of additional retail locations in Southern California and hopes to soon expand throughout California and beyond.