Our Values

Sweet Flower is committed to setting a new standard for modern cannabis retail culture rooted deeply in our values.


Trust and transparency in business and employment relationships and practices is a fundamental tenet of who we are, our role in our community and in the cannabis industry.

Trust and Transparency

Inclusion and Diversity

We believe in building strength through diversity - we’re fostering an open, approachable and supportive environment for our customers, employees and broader community, inclusive of all.

Public Health and Safety

Public health, safety and security are critical to us - we’ve built Sweet Flower operations to exceed required standards, creating a safe and secure place for our employees, customers and neighbors.

Community Engagement

Giving back is at our core - we believe in direct and active engagement with our community, contributing to community causes and listening to the needs of our neighbors - which is why we’ve established an advisory board and a charitable fund to support the communities we call home.

Culture of Compliance

Our philosophy is simple: operating Sweet Flower is a privilege we take seriously. Commercial cannabis businesses must adhere to strict regulations to receive an annual license. We will continuously maintain standards that exceed compliance regulations in every market we operate.